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Paul is a regular contribution to SHRM’s HR Magazine and a long-time contributor to the American Management Association’s AMA Playbook and other popular online publications. His focus always lies in the how of getting things done—whether it has to do with leadership offense or leadership defense strategies. Highlighted below are some of the more recent or high profile articles that might be of interest to operational leaders and HR managers alike. Check back soon to access new and additional articles that may be of interest. 

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Effective Interviewing & Hiring (for employers)
Discover how to catapult your interviewing skills to new heights so that you can attract and retain the strongest individuals that the market has to offer.
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Performance Management & Leadership Development
Performance management is both an art and a science and is critical for companies to master in the competitive domestic and global marketplace.
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Career Management
If you're an executive in career transition, recent graduate, or anyone looking to reenter the job market after a long hiatus, discover the best ways to manage your career.
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