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Employee engagement surveys, also known as climate surveys or employee satisfaction surveys, are an excellent means of gauging your employees’ attitudes towards their work, your company, your compensation and benefit programs, and their perception of the career progression opportunities that you offer. Most companies want to gain insights into employee commitment, engagement, and satisfaction levels because, as the saying goes, happy cows produce more milk. But there’s a lot more to be gained by occasional snapshots of employee sentiments about your organization: Reducing turnover, union avoidance, minimizing workers’ comp and intermittent FMLA claims, and of course mitigating litigation are all concrete defensive measures that could definitely benefit from taking an occasional pulse of workers’ states of mind from time to time. This model survey offers 65 key questions that could distinguish your organization as an employer of choice or demonstrate weaknesses that could otherwise leave you vulnerable. With anchor items like the ones in this survey measured over time, you’ll be well on your way to managing and influencing employee sentiment and engagement, which is exactly what this tool and exercise are meant to accomplish!

Employee Opinion Survey Template

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