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Collecting feedback from exiting employees has a number of important uses that will benefit your organization immediately and over time. First, it allows you to track and trend the primary and secondary reasons why individuals are leaving your company of their own accord, pointing out potential organizational deficiencies that could lead to increased turnover and/or union organizing efforts. The tool provides specific information about supervisors who may be suffering from excessive turnover, providing you with guidelines for future training and development opportunities to strengthen their leadership abilities. As part of your human capital scorecard, it will show you in crystal clear terms who’s leaving (AKA voluntary turnover) and where they’re going.The template addresses how your exiting employees (and especially your highest performers) feel about your organization’s culture, focus on performance excellence, diversity and inclusion efforts, and compensation and benefits programs as contributors to their decision to leave for greener pastures. You can use the questions contained in this Word document as a ready-to-use paper questionnaire or convert the content into a web-based survey instrument to track and trend this critical aspect of your company’s operations. Either way, you’ll have a rich data source that will serve as a mini-climate survey, giving you the opportunity to analyze and compare exit interview data from across your organization that can be easily integrated into your Human Capital Analysis data framework.

Exit Interview Survey Template

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