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Getting to really know candidates in the pre-employment process gets trickier and trickier these days, thanks to job-finding guides and other career resources. Penetrating the façade and getting to know the real person behind the interviewing hype can be a constant challenge, but there are certain questioning techniques that foster openness, transparency, and even trust on a candidate’s part. This guide will help you understand candidates’ true motives for making a job change as well as their potential to contribute to your organization over the long haul. The key lies in appealing to their heads as well as their hearts and employing a selfless interviewing style that allows for an open and honest exchange of information. You’ll be able to evaluate candidates not only on the relevance of their prior experience and education but also on their career maturity and readiness for change, level of self-awareness, and overall career preferences and compatibility with your culture. This short 14-page interviewing toolkit will help you catapult your candidate evaluation skills to new heights and make for stronger hires and superior teams.

Interview Questioning Guide

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