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Wage and Hour FLSA Toolkit

Over the past decade, wage & hour litigation has tripled. More wage & hour class actions have been filed in recent years than all other types of employment class actions combined. State and federal agencies are cracking down on the practice of worker misclassification in the key areas of (a) exempt versus nonexempt and (b) freelancer/independent contractor versus employee. Further, if you fail to provide appropriate rest and meal periods to your nonexempt employee population, you may be exposing your organization to unnecessary wage and hour vulnerability.


This 117-page toolkit provides the tests and analysis (as well as completed examples) for the five exemption categories (executive, administrative, learned professional, computer, and outside sales) and addresses the specifics of meal and rest periods, “off-the-clock” work, and recordkeeping requirements. It will provide you with a master data-gathering tool to help you make the right decisions for your employees, while minimizing the legal risk inherent in one of the hottest topics in the employment arena today–wage & hour class action litigation.

Wage and Hour FLSA Toolkit

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