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Workplace Investigation Toolkit

Conducting internal workplace investigations is a unique combination of art and science, knowledge and intuition, and employment laws, company policies, and your organization’s past practices. What’s critical is that everyone on your team is operating under similar assumptions and premises when it comes to the role of the investigator and the strategy and philosophy behind workplace investigations in general.


This 65-page toolkit is designed both to (a) train the beginner and (b) incorporate experienced investigators onto your existing team by ensuring consistency and exercising best practices in the internal investigation process. The checklists, tools, and strategies included are intended to strengthen your and your team’s investigation capabilities and foster a shared mindset when it comes to the complex world of internal workplace investigations.


Contents include:


  • 10 Steps to Successful Internal Investigations 
  • Sample Investigation Questioning Scripts and Response Letters 
  • Properly Invoking the “Attorney-Client Privilege"
  • Investigation Summary Templates
  • Highlighted Vocabulary Builders


Workplace Investigation Toolkit

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