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Paul FalconePaul Falcone is a human resources executive in Los Angeles and has held senior-level positions with Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, and Time Warner. He is a long-term contributor to HR Magazine and an instructor in the UCLA Extension School of Business and Management as well as a top-rated presenter at the SHRM national conference.

Paul is the author of nine books which address the tough and practical issues that inevitably surface in the workplace and that plague even the strongest organizations and leaders from time to time. Four of Paul's books were ranked on SHRM’s prestigious "Great 8 of 2011" and "Great 8 of 2012" bestseller listings.
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Paul Falcone's books have regularly been among the bestselling titles at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) store.
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Performance Management


Decision-Making Leaves: Dramatic Performance Turnarounds without a Lot of Drama

One of the greatest workplace challenges to supervisors and managers lies in turning around workers when their conduct or behavior consistently disappoints. A decision-making leave, also known as a “day of contemplation,” could be just what the doctor ordered. Read More…


Employment-At-Will vs. Progressive Discipline: Understanding the Legal Dichotomy

Why does a company have to offer its employees progressive discipline if they’re already employed at will? As an HR professional, you’ve probably been asked that question a number of times throughout your career, especially when one of your front-line manager clients wants to terminate someone quickly. Read More…

Effective Interviewing & Hiring


3 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Generate Meaningful Candidate References

The critical part of effective reference checking lies in how you structure your call and set expectations, both with the candidate and the prior supervisors. It’s a lot easier than you think and yields outstanding results if you’ll follow these three simple tips in this article. Read More…

HR Essentials


HR Template Resources Available in Our Webstore!

Unlike other products that may be found online or as part of a software suite of “HR in a Box” forms, the specialized products below are Paul’s own creations and were self-developed to bring his own HR practices to …


Small Companies: Know Your Employment Laws!

 If you ever feel confused by the vast array of federal laws and regulations that govern your organization, rest assured you’re not alone. Still, many smaller companies often assume that all laws apply to them when, in fact, organizations with …

Career Management


Researching Publicly Traded, Privately Held, and Non-Profit Companies Prior to Your Interview

Job search candidates at all levels realize that it’s important to research an organization where they have an upcoming interview, but outside of looking up the company’s website, they’re not quite sure where to look and what to look for. If you’ve got an upcoming interview and want to impress upon an employer that you’ve done your “preparatory homework,” you’ll need to conduct additional research beyond the company’s website Read More…


Investing in Your 401(k) in Your 20s

You may not realize it, but your 20′s is the most important investment decade of your life! I’m not a financial planner—I’m a human resources practitioner—but I’m writing this article for my children and their friends as they make their way through college and into the “adult” world. Read More…