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Paul's books are available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible, and at other bookstores nationwide. 

The content below includes book excerpts published by HarperCollins Leadership, AMACOM Books, and SHRM that grants users permission to access one chapter of each book for personal use. 

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75 Ways for Managers to Hire, Develop, and Keep Great Employees contains the best of all its predecessors – the most critical interview questions, the most challenging tough conversations, critical keys to documenting progressive discipline and structuring terminations, and everything you’ll want to know about creating a friendly and inclusive work environment where employees can motivate themselves and find new and exciting ways of reinventing themselves in light of your organization’s changing needs.  Download and share Chapter 4—Avoiding Litigation Land Mines—which covers wage & hour quagmires, layoffs and separation packages, performance appraisal bombshells, and more!.  

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Ranked in 2019 as the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Human Resources and Personnel Management,” “Management Skills,” and “Job Interviewing” categories, 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire provides readers with the tools they need to elicit honest and complete information from job candidates, plus helpful hints on interpreting the responses.  Chapter 8, entitled “Millennials— The Future Generation of Your Workforce,” addresses the specific challenges posed by the millennial generation. The premise of this book is that the best workers have the most options. Positioning yourself and your company to identify individuals with the strongest track records and to appeal to those top performers is what the interviewing and selection process is all about. 

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Ranked in 2019 as the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Labor and Employment Law” category, 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems has been SHRM’s #1 bestseller over the years, and Chapter 5 is available to you! This book excerpt addresses commonly asked questions and provides practical answers to tricky employee relations questions. In short, this chapter will provide you with the key fundamentals of workplace due process and critical insights into employment law all in one place.

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101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees was ranked in 2019 as the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Best Sellers in Human Resources and Personnel” as well as “Best Sellers in Business Mentoring and Coaching” and “Best Sellers in Business Decision-Making and Problem Solving” categories. 101 Tough Conversations helps you communicate even the toughest and most uncomfortable messages in a caring and compassionate way while still upholding the highest organizational standards. These chapters will help you help others raise their own expectations of themselves while protecting your company legally by engaging in open and honest dialog in a caring and supportive way.

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2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews ranked as the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s “Bestsellers in Communication in Management” and “Bestsellers in Human Resources and Personnel” categories in 2019.  It offers resources that will not only help you identify strengths and gaps in your employees’ performance, but also help drive future behaviors that lead to success. This free download includes Paul’s well known “Ten Tips for Maximizing Your Performance Appraisal Documentation Skills,” highlighting how to reward top performers, avoid grade inflation, appreciate the legal significance of the record you’re creating, and engage your employees in the performance evaluation process. 

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Setting future goals is arguably the more important half of the performance review equation because—rather than assessing past performance—it drives future change. The Introduction addresses how to create effective development plans for your employees, as well as for yourself. It provides specific goal-setting examples for some of the most challenging aspects of management and leadership, including goal phrases for motivating teams, communicating more effectively, mentoring and coaching, and creating a more inclusive work environment. 

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A tired performance appraisal form will fall flat and lose your audience, no matter how much you invest in high-end software systems or high-touch management training. Chapter 5 will show you how to reinvent and reinvigorate both the content and form of your appraisal template and raise the performance bar by revising the descriptors that you use to assess employee performance. 



As Asian markets in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other areas continue to expand their economic growth, HarperCollins Leadership, the American Management Association, and the Society for Human Resource Management are offering their libraries of best-selling books to help demonstrate U.S. best practices. A number of Paul’s books have been translated for these markets, specifically into Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, and Indonesian, as part of these programs.

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