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Paul Falcone offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at addressing the demands of today's dynamic business environment. Paul's focus on effective hiring, performance management, workplace ethics, and leadership development provides a comprehensive strategy for aligning senior executive and operational management teams in driving organizational success.

Specialty Topics with Paul Falcone


Some of the topics Paul often addresses in his presentations and workshops include:

 Effective Interviewing, Hiring, and Onboarding

 Leadership Offense and Engagement: Inspiring, Coaching, Motivating, and Developing Your Team

 Leadership Defense and Accountability: Tough Conversations, Workplace Investigations, Conflict Resolution, and Documenting Progressive Discipline

 Leading Through Crisis and Disruption: Facing Today's Toughest Workplace Challenges.

 Ethical Leadership and Sustaining a Moral Workplace

 New Managers: Mastering Leadership, Communication, and Teambuilding

 Creating & Sustaining High-Performing Teams in a Hybrid Work Environment

 Dealing Effectively with Employee Burnout: Reenergizing Teams and Top Performers

 Effective Business Writing & Public Speaking: Clearer Communication, Enhanced Productivity, and Greater Self-Confidence 

Keynote Presentations with Paul Falcone


✓ Paul is a top-rated keynote speaker whose presentations promise to entertain, educate, and drive meaningful change within your organization. As an experienced leader with a proven track record in leadership development, Paul shares firsthand experiences that will give attendees a new drive to be the best leaders they can be as well as actionable takeaways to build and nurture their teams. 

In-House Training + Webinars with Paul Falcone


✓ Paul’s a top-rated trainer for the American Management Association, Society for Human Resource Management, and other high-profile training and talent management providers. His workshops are fun and enlightening, and he’ll leave attendees rethinking their basic assumptions about leadership, management, and high achievement. Coming out of Paul’s presentations, team members will feel better prepared to hire, motivate, and develop talent, while holding their teams accountable to the highest standards of performance and conduct.   

Executive Coaching with Paul Falcone | Image by krakenimages


✓ Paul is a certified executive coach through the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Coaching program. He coaches executives, up-and-coming managers, teams, and high potential individual contributors, and his coaching approach will always be customized to your organization's specific needs. Paul is happy to partner with you and your teams using 360 evaluations, DiSC, MBTI, PXT, SDI, Balanced Scorecard, and other assessment tools that you’re already comfortable and familiar with.

Lunch & Learn w The Author | Paul Falcone | Image by Evangeline Shaw


✓ If any of Paul's 17 bestselling books are featured in your leadership library or readers' club, he can join your team to debrief on questions, discuss interpretations, and share how to apply the content in the book to your workplace on a practical, daily basis. Paul’s Lunch & Learn series can be conducted in-person or remotely. 

Corporate Offsite Retreat Planning with Paul Falcone


✓ Paul’s professional business moderation for both small and large group gatherings consists of breakout and brainstorming sessions that lead to concrete takeaways and action plans for your team. Popular topics include strategic planning, business development, and new program implementation. Paul works with teams to overcome drama or blind spots, and his workshops create a space for all participants to put their best foot forward and become aligned, allowing for innovation and change to happen. 

HR Advisory Services with Paul Falcone


✓ Whatever your leadership or people needs, feel free to reach out to Paul for a guiding hand to help you through even the most challenging people-focused transitions. Paul is available for one-off projects or on a retainer basis. Make his practical solutions, calm and reassuring communication style, and laser focus on achieving target results part of your organization's strategic tool box when it comes to leadership, communication, teambuilding, and performance excellence.  

Let's Work Together

For any questions, additional details on personalized services or quotes, contact us today! 

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