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Effective Hiring, Performance Management, and Leadership Development

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Welcome to My Performance Management Blog!

Effective leadership communication impacts teambuilding, staff agility and adaptability, innovation and creativity, collaboration, accountability, discretionary effort, an achievement mindset, and just about every aspect of organizational culture.

Many of you know me as a bestselling author for HarperCollins Leadership and the American Management Association's AMACOM Books and as a long-term columnist for SHRM--the Society for Human Resource Management. So, why a Blog? Because there's a lot more to be said that doesn't necessarily fit into a book or an article.

This is my opportunity to share "micro" tips and performance management strategies to help you become a more effective leader, whether you're a human resources professional, frontline operational manager, senior corporate executive, or small business owner. It's an opportunity for us all to share wisdom and best practices, which are needed in today's world more than ever. And it's a chance to "pay it forward," realizing that leadership is the greatest gift the workplace offers because of its innate ability to allow us to impact others' lives and careers. I hope you'll consider joining me and following my blog as we continue together to explore the changing nature of leadership and management in the United States and abroad. All are welcome!

Bestselling author, leadership trainer, international keynote speaker, executive coach

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Following are some links to my various author pages that you might find useful, so feel free to review my topics and writing style at your convenience. While you're on my website, feel free to visit the Webstore for unique tools and products to help your leadership practice flourish. And please remember that my consulting practice focuses on keynote speaking, management training, executive coaching, HR advisory services, and facilitating corporate offsite retreats, so please let me know if I can ever help your organization in any of way. I look forward to your contributions and hope this blog becomes a practical guide and go-to resource for building new muscle in the areas of effective hiring, performance management, leadership development, and exceptional employee communication. Feel free to subscribe today!

Paul Falcone is the former CHRO of Nickelodeon, a bestselling author with HarperCollins Leadership and the American Management Association, a columnist for the Society for Human Resource Management, and now a consultant offering services in the areas of keynote speaking, management training, executive coaching, and HR advisory services.

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