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Corrective Action Notice (Written Warning) Template

Few areas in the workplace pose more hazard, fear, and trepidation than issuing corrective action to workers who demonstrate substandard job performance or inappropriate workplace conduct.


The key to addressing performance and conduct issues head-on lies in employing corrective action measures that treat employees with dignity and respect and that invite them to make themselves part of the solution. When verbal interventions are no longer effective, escalating matters in writing often turns problematic performance or conduct around. 


Modeled on Paul’s bestselling book 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems — A Guide to Progressive Discipline and Termination, this 34-page toolkit will help you, the HR professional or immediate supervisor, compose fair, constructive, and – most important – legally defensible documentation to help employees turn problematic performance around and, when necessary, protect your company from the liability associated with wrongful termination litigation.

Corrective Action Notice (Written Warning) Template

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