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Top HR Keynote Speakers: A Look at the Expertise and Experience of Paul Falcone

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

HR leaders and professionals face a range of challenges in managing and leading their teams, from employee engagement and retention to diversity and inclusion. To stay ahead of the curve, it's important to stay informed about the latest HR trends, insights, and best practices. One way to do this is by attending HR and leadership conferences and events featuring top keynote speakers. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at one of the leading HR keynote speakers, Paul Falcone, and his expertise in the field of HR management and leadership.

Who is Paul Falcone?

Paul is a dynamic and experienced HR keynote speaker, consultant, and author with over three decades of HR management and executive leadership experience, including roles such as the CHRO of Nickelodeon and of the Motion Picture and Television Fund as well as head of international human resources for Paramount Pictures. In addition to entertainment, he's worked with a range of organizations, particularly in healthcare, biotech, and financial services, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, and he specializes in helping organizations optimize their leadership strategies by building the muscle of frontline operational managers in the core areas of leadership, communication, and teambuilding.

Paul is the author of several best-selling HR and operational leadership books, including the five-book Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Series, 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire, 101 Tough Conversations to Have with Employees, and 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems.

He is a leading author for his publishers, HarperCollins Leadership and the American Management Association, and his books have been translated into multiple languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Turkish, and Indonesian. They’ve been ranked on Amazon as #1 bestsellers in the categories of human resources management, labor & employment law, conflict resolution and mediation, business mentoring & coaching, communication in management, and business decision-making and problem-solving. He is also a regular columnist for SHRM’s HR Magazine and other industry publications.

Falcone's Keynote Speaking Topics

Paul is a sought-after keynote speaker on a range of HR-and leadership-related topics, from talent management and employee engagement to leadership development and constructive communication. His presentations are known for their practical insights, real-world examples, and interactive format, and he has received high ratings from attendees at major HR conferences and events. Some of Falcone's most popular speaking topics include:

Talent Management: How to Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Talent

In this presentation, Falcone shares his insights on how to create a high-performance culture and attract, develop, and retain the best talent for your organization. He provides practical tips and best practices for sourcing and recruiting top candidates, onboarding and training new hires, and retaining top performers through effective performance management, recognition, and career development programs.

Leadership Development: How to Build Strong Leaders at All Levels

Effective leadership is essential for driving organizational success and achieving business goals. In this presentation, Falcone shares his expertise in developing strong leaders at all levels, from front-line supervisors to top executives. He provides practical tips and strategies for building leadership competencies, assessing and developing leadership potential, and creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Diversity and Inclusion: How to Create a More Inclusive and Respectful Workplace

Diversity and inclusion are critical to building a more engaged, innovative, and productive workforce. In this presentation, Falcone shares his insights on how to create a more inclusive and respectful workplace by valuing and leveraging the differences of all employees. He emphasizes the importance of women in leadership and managing multiple generations at work, providing practical tips and strategies for addressing unconscious bias, fostering open communication and collaboration, and promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the organization.

Employee Engagement in a Remote or Hybrid Working Environment: How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Engaged employees are more productive, committed, and satisfied in their work and are more likely to stay with their current employer. In this presentation, Paul shares his expertise in fostering employee engagement and motivation through effective communication, recognition, and real-time feedback. He provides practical tips and strategies for creating a positive and empowering work environment, aligning employee goals with organizational objectives, and building a culture of accountability and ownership.

Leading Through Crisis, Creating and Sustaining a Moral and Ethical Workplace, and other topics round out his portfolio of topics that track the employee lifecycle.

Attending HR conferences and events featuring top HR keynote speakers like Paul can provide valuable insights and practical tips for HR and operational business leaders and professionals to stay ahead of the curve in managing and leading their teams. Paul's extensive experience in HR management, performance management, and leadership development, combined with his practical insights and engaging speaking style and credibility as a bestselling author, make him one of the top leadership keynote speakers to watch for.

Paul Falcone is the former CHRO of Nickelodeon, a bestselling author with HarperCollins Leadership and the American Management Association, a columnist for the Society for Human Resource Management, and now a consultant offering services in the areas of keynote speaking, management training, executive coaching, and HR advisory support.

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